• Alison

My first blog, New lens joy!!

Hi there, this is my first blog! I'm about a decade late to the game but better late than never. Plus I have a lot more to say than a facebook post can provide, I'm a notorious chatterbox!

On these blogs I'm going to share with you my photography journey, introduce you to some of my gorgeous clients and show you what Alison Forbes Photography is all about, and probably use waaay too many exclamation marks!!

Yesterday I got a NEW LENS, a very very early birthday present! (birthday is in May) I usually work with my perfect little 50mm prime lens which I love! Its fast, its sharp and gives amazing clarity, but recently I have been getting lots of party bookings and outdoor family photoshoots, I decided that a zoom lens will give me a greater range of photos to share with my families.

So here I am with a fabulous zoom! Its quite heavy and I'm definitely going to need a new bag (any excuse!)

Today was a happy sad sort of a day, 3 of the 4 of us are poorly, coughs, sore throats, a sorry bunch! After deciding to cancel a visit with friends we all went a bit stir-crazy and ventured out for some air and new lens joy!

We headed to our favorite fresh air destination Hengistbury head, where my kids love to build imaginary houses in the dunes.

Needless to say they found some grotty feathers (bleugh!) and Erin found a rock-baby so the outing was a success, except when I told her we couldnt take the rock baby home :-( seriously, look at the size of it!

So a sad day because we didnt get to see our friends, but happy because we are now the owners of 2 grotty feathers and some gorgepus pictures

Here are a few shots from the new lens! I think I will have to make some room in my bag for this bad boy, I can see it will become a regular..