• Alison Forbes

Preschool photoshoot

I love working with children, they are all inspiring and fascinating little humans, when one of the mums at my daughter's preschool mentioned they hadn't had preschool photos in a couple of years I thought I would offer my services.

The preschool owner had strong ideas about her style of photography and didn't want a white backdrop, but was happy for me to come in, in less than 2 weeks! so we could get the images back in time for father's day.

So I dashed home and ordered a grey paper roll and wondered what I had let myself in for, 28 toddlers!! what was I thinking!!

The day turned out to be really brilliant, I set up in an upstairs room, parents and siblings came in first for some group shots. Then the preschool workers brought the children up in little groups to have their pictures done,

I let the children choose their chair, played silly games and got them to show me some of their best grooves, all of which resulted in genuine smiles and (in 3 cases) unstoppable giggles. We all had a great time!

It turns out I needn't have been nervous, the photoshoots were really successful and with 21 out of 28 people ordering emails, discs and prints, I think the parents were as happy with the images a I was.

I had such a good time that I'm now looking to expand my preschool photography, and will be offering standard and themed photoshoots to the local areas! I cant wait!

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