• Alison Forbes

Stunning Stanpit Marsh

It's been aaaages since I wrote the last blog, but just had to share the beauty of Stanpit Marsh with you all,

I just love a location photoshoot, and last week was the first of the year! Stanpit Marsh is local to these clients and they spend a lot of time exploring the puddles and looking for ducks and wild horses. We headed out despite the few spots of rain and were rewarded with glorious sunshine,

We had a brilliant time splashing in puddles, sailing paper boats and playing sleeping bunnies on the boardwalk (a firm favorite) until she was tired out and ready for a snack.

Children are often more relaxed in a non studio environment, and the range of different backdrops at Stanpit Marsh made for some beautiful natural images

I have some more location photoshoots booked in for April and I cannot wait!

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