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How to have a successful photoshoot with your child

So you're thinking about booking a family photoshoot or have just booked one, now you are nervous! Will you child behave? will they cooperate? How will you get those smiles?

How can you make the photoshoot a success?

1. Choose the right time of day - It is no good booking a 3pm photoshoot if your little one is an early riser, catch them at their best and the photoshoot will run smoothly.

2. Food- Children are at their best when they are well fed and well rested- Try not to book your photoshoot too near to a mealtime and always bring a snack, I love a picnic in the middle of a photoshoot, it allows everyone to regroup and refuel, I'll even pop the kettle on for the grown ups! just remember the baby wipes and please please don't bring wotsits as a snack, those things stain!!

3. Relax- Children feed off their grown ups emotions, if you are relaxed, they will relax too. My first priority is to put everyone in the photoshoot at ease, adults are often the most self conscious ones! Everyone loves having their photo taken, right?

4. Dont expect too much - Children are born to break the rules, even if you have followed steps 1-3. As a mother of two I know how mercurial children can be. I pride myself on turning children's moods around and always have a pocket full of tricks and bribery.

5. Environment - Choose your setting to suit your family - if you have children that adore tearing around, an outdoor photoshoot might be better suited than a studio session

6. Reschedule - If the very very worst case happens and your child does nothing but scream and cry, I will reschedule at no extra cost to you, who wants pictures of a red, tear-stained toddler? Your family is the priority, if they aren't happy, I'm not happy.

Overall your photoshoot should be a positive experience for everyone involved, if you have any worries or concerns speak to your photographer.

Have a great weekend

Ali x

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