• Alison Forbes

Kia Ora

Earlier in the summer I used Google ads for the first time to see if I could reach new audiences, I love that 99% of my business comes from word of mouth but I was curious to see how effective it would be.

It turns out, very effective! I took multiple bookings including one from a lady in New Zealand! I had to triple check that she knew I was in the UK and not in Christchurch New Zealand.

Ngahuia and her family were visiting relatives in Boscombe and took the opportunity to capture some images of all the family together.

It was brilliant to meet all the family, everyone had fabulous Maori names and were so close despite living on opposite sides of the world, it must be love to take a small boy on a flight that long! This wasn't his first trip either!

The photoshoot was a snippet into their lives of this fascinating family and I was pleased to be a part of their holiday in the UK, I hope they really enjoyed the rest of their stay x

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