• Alison Forbes

What to do if your baby is unsettled?

I absolutely love newborn photoshoots! Especially as when I put them down, they don't run away!

Newborn photographers often strive for poses when the baby is asleep, as they are easier to move and manipulate when they are asleep, Wrap them up tight and snap away!

I am more of a go-with-the-flow photographer and I actually love it when the babies are awake, there is nothing like eye contact with a newborn baby.

But sometime Newborns are unsettled, this was the case with beautiful Isla, the poor wee baby was suffering badly with reflux and her mum was so worried we might not get any good pictures of her.

After cancelling once, she brought her along anyway, and do you know what? YES she was unsettled, and YES she did cry, and YES there were lots of cuddles and tears, but I think these images show her absolutely perfectly the way she is, and we even got a cheeky half smile when we put her in dads Arsenal strip,

The moral of this story is,...Bring your baby along EVEN if you think it will be a nightmare, even if you are worried, tired and stressed, I WILL get great shots no matter what! and heck I'm going to sit you down with a cuppa and a biscuit, so it can't be all bad!

These newborn times are fleeting (even if you feel like they will last forever!) so capture it while it lasts x