• Alison Forbes

New COVID-19 safety measures

I am so excited to be finally re-opening the studio! Safety for my clients, their families and mine is a top priority, but never more so than during this awful pandemic. I am taking extra care and additional precautions to assure you I am doing everything I can to prevent any spread of COVID-19 within the photography studio.

1. I will be taking a COVID test twice a week.

2. For your reassurance there will be a 14 day + gap between parents leaving hospital following the birth of their baby to coming to the studio, giving them time to self-isolate. For this reason, I will not be booking any newborn photoshoots in within 2 weeks of birth.

3. If you have travelled abroad or been into highly affected public areas you will be asked to wait 14 days before attending your photoshoot

4. All clients are asked to postpone photoshoots if themselves or anyone they’ve been into contact with have had any COVID related symptoms, as well any other illness as per the usual guidelines. And equally, if I feel unwell I will contact you immediately to rearrange your appointment.

5. All props, surfaces & door handles etc are all washed and sanitised as per usual regulations, but I'll be doing this more regularly and giving the studio a deep clean before AND after each session.

6. I will be minimising the number of items I use throughout each session, and not reusing items until they have been deep cleaned and isolated for at least 48 hours after use.

7. Before entering the studio space, you will be asked to sanitise your hands thoroughly; I have sanitiser available to use.

8. You will be asked to remove your shoes or wear shoe covers before entering the studio. I will also be asking that you only bring essential items in too, so coats/ prams etc to be left in the car or outside the studio where possible.

9. All clients are required to wear a face mask for the most part of the photoshoots. Unless you provide proof of medical exception, you will be refused entry. For family portraits I will keep 2m apart so you can safely take off your mask.

10. All clients are asked to keep 2m away from the shooting area at all times unless assistance is requested, and the floor is clearly marked with tape. For this reason, I cannot have parents stood next to me when photographing your child and you will need to remain seated in the parent area. This limits my contact with each person who is within the studio.

11. I will be wearing the relevant PPE for your families’ safety

12. I will be spreading photoshoots out as much as possible to allow as much time in between people in the studio for cleaning and ventilation of the room.

13. If anyone in your household develops COVID symptoms within 7 days of attending your photoshoot, I ask you to inform me immediately as part of track and trace. This means I will need to postpone upcoming photoshoots.

14. You will still be able to use the toilet facilities, I just ask you to wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

Please note:

1. My partner and I are key workers at a secondary school and we are surrounded staff and children on a daily basis.

2. Our children are at school where they mix with other children and staff. Although they have their own safety procedures, the same applies as per above.

3. I am opening my doors based on mutual honesty between myself and each client, and I know these photos are so precious but at a time like this and you may not want to jeopardise your photoshoot but I need everyone to be completely up front.

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